JAACO Learning Assessments

JAACO works with students and adults who are having difficulty learning.  

As well as providing psycho-educational assessments, JAACO works with individual, students, families and schools to identify ways to improve the learning experience.

JAACO also works with aduts who are struggling due to reading, spelling, writing or math difficulties.


JAACO can help with:

  • Identification of learning potential including specific strengths and weakness

  • Assessment for Specific Learning Difficulties including dyslexia

  • Assessment for Special Assessment Conditions

  • Student focused and relevant reports linking academic achievement and cognitive ability.

  • Provision of evidence based practical recommendations for parents and school.


Judith Alexander

Judith Alexander is the principal assessor.  She has 20 years teaching experience at primary, secondary and tertiary levels including 10 years specialising in learning support and special education.

Judith is trained in the administration of psychometric assessment, is a registered SPELD NZ assessor and meets NZCER’s criteria for administration of cognitive assessment.